Volunteer Training

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to be part of our prayer response team at the festival! Please take a few minutes to watch these short videos to prepare yourself to be used by God in this way!

Watch these short videos: 


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  • Idaho Center Rules

    No food or drink can be brought into the Idaho Center, except for baby food and bottles.

    You can bring opened water bottles to fill in the drinking fountains if you wish.

    No high-back lawn chairs, all chairs must be low backed and have legs 8" or less. No camping chairs. Blankets are subject to inspection.

    Sound volume varies throughout the bowl area. We recommend finding a seat where the volume is comfortable for you and your family.

  • ASL Interpreting

    The Treasure Valley God and Country festival is once again happy to provide American Sign Language interpreters.

    ASL Interpreters

  • Show your LOVE for God and Country

    Donation to the God and Country Festival

    Donation to the God and Country Festival

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