No Selling At Ministry Booths

God and Country Festival in Nampa, Idaho is organized by a volunteer-driven organization made up of Christians who are committed to strengthening the fabric of the Treasure Valley community through the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe that Christians in America should have a natural affection for their country because it was founded on the godly ideal that liberty is derived, not as a gift of governments and politicians, but as a gift of our Creator.

We appreciate you partnering in the success of this year’s event. By paying for a booth, you are helping us fund God and Country Festival now and in the future. We also ask for your help in praying for the event and helping to raise funds from sponsors, churches, and donors.

Booth areas will be approximately 10’x10′. You will be responsible for your own booth structure (EZ Up canopy, or similar), tables, chairs, banners etc. We will contact you as the event approaches via the phone number or email address you list below, with times and details related to set up and tear down. Typical set up is between noon and 2:30 pm. You must bring stakes or some form of ballast to keep your canopy secured in case of wind.

Booth costs for ministry can be waived by board approval, other non-profits are $500. For-profit booths start at $1500. Please see our God and Country Family Festival 2018 Sponsorship Packages page. If you are a public elected official, we have special offers for you also available in the God and Country Family Festival 2018 Sponsorship Packages page.

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