2022 God and Country Festival

Mark Your Calendars for June 29th 2022

We are in the planning stages of having this year's event speakers and music INDOORS!  We can retire outdoors to view the fireworks display.

We are featuring a special presentation for a Hip-Hop Youth Festival from 4:30 to 5:30 INDOORS!

Featured Speakers
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Paul Shulga - 
Christian Faith Center Caldwell Campus

Paul Shugla
Paul Shulga Family

Pastor Paul Shulga resides in the city of Caldwell and pastors at the Christian Faith Center Caldwell Campus. The Caldwell campus offers services for both English-speaking and Slavic communities. Paul is from a Slavic background and speaks the Russian language, but he has a heart for people of all backgrounds to connect and be transformed by the love of God. His passion is for people to find a stable church home, commit and serve, and experience the saving grace of Jesus. Paul enjoys spending time with his wife, Sasha, and two daughters, Abigail and Adeline. They enjoy traveling and adventure but have been blessed to call Idaho home for the last 15 years.

We are blessed this year to have many local bands willing to help produce one of our best events ever!

We also have a great artist who is performing a Youth Festival pre-event from 4:30 - 5:30 INDOORS!
Hip-Hop Music featuring RandyB Funk!


RandyB Funk

RandyB Funk

RandyB Funk is an 19 year-old Rapper/Songwriter from Boise Idaho. RandyB Funk’s first album “Divided” is available now on all platforms.

Hill City Church  
Jake Wright & Bradley Goodin

Hill City Church
Jake WrightBradley Goodin

Hill City Church and its worship band are located in downtown Boise. The band is led by pastor and musician Jake Wright accompanied by musician Bradley Goodin. Their styles blend rock, folk, and contemporary worship music. You can find all of their music at jakewrightmusic.com and bradleygoodin.com.

Crossroads Church Worship Band

Corssroad Worship

Crossroads Church, located in Nampa, has long been an intersection of different traditions and backgrounds. This is reflected in the worship band and its leaders, as they combine elements of contemporary worship with rock and hymnody. The band is led by Stephanie Graves, Kyra Rishell, and Jordan Freiburghaus. Crossroads Worship is incredibly grateful to be a part of this year’s God & Country Festival!

Kurtis Hoppie

Kurtis Hoppie

Kurtis Hoppie is paving his way as an artist with authenticity, Lyrics, and Melodies. Combining his singing background with his passion for a rap style he calls “hip-pop”, Hoppie seeks to bring a message of hope to the hopeless. Hoppie grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada with his older brother and mother and struggled with loneliness and identity after losing his father at the tender age of five. This led to a life of struggling with identity issues. After a very hard year of being bullied by friends at school, he began to give up on “fitting in” together and consumed his time and energy playing video games because it gave him some sort of comfort. Hoppie also found solace in music. He sang in choir growing up and watched his brother try his hand at rap. Hoppie followed in his brother’s footsteps and began making music.

In 2014, when he came to faith in Jesus, Hoppie found peace from the depression, lack of self-worth, and anxiety that haunted him for years. God led him to give up on a life consumed by video games (even after reaching Rank 1 on the North American ladder), He saw nothing compared to the joy he found in perusing God's calling on his life. His new perspective led to a shift in the direction of his music, he saw the power of his words and the effect it has on the listeners. “God showed me that every word I say has power in it and when I speak, I need to be mindful as to what I am telling the people who listen to my music,” he explains. “… What I felt when I found the love of God is something I believe the entire world should know. That one moment changed everything for me. I can barely remember the pain I used to live through and now I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my story, believing it might inspire someone to walk into their true identity and find Peace. Because if he did it for me he can do it for anyone.”

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Without our loyal sponsors the God and Country Festival would cease to exist.
Treasure Valley is blessed to have so many churches spreading the word.
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There are many ways you can utilize your talents to help advance our mission here at the God and Country Festival.

  1. Business sponsorship
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Business Sponsorship

While the God and Country Festival in Nampa is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization, it can only take place with the generous help of community donors and sponsors. Please consider sponsoring this event. You'll be doing your community a service, and helping your business reach out to a loyal audience.

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Private Party Donation

The God and Country Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and as such, donations are tax deductible. You may donate anytime to help keep the Festival alive and growing. Please make checks payable to:

The God and Country Association, Inc. PO Box 993 Nampa, ID 83653
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There are many ways you can volunteer to help out the Festival, from early planning to the day of the event. You can request information about volunteering here.


Promote the Festival on Your Website

Please feel free to promote the event on your business, church, ministry, or personal website and social media sites to help get the word out about the Festival!

Ministries apply for a Booth

God and Country Festival in Nampa, Idaho is organized by a volunteer-driven organization made up of Christians who are committed to strengthening the fabric of the Treasure Valley community through the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe that Christians in America should have a natural affection for their country because it was founded on the godly ideal that liberty is derived, not as a gift of governments and politicians, but as a gift of our Creator.

We appreciate you partnering in the success of this year’s event. By paying for a booth, you are helping us fund God and Country Festival now and in the future. We also ask for your help in praying for the event and helping to raise funds from sponsors, churches, and donors.

Booth areas will be approximately 10’x10′. You will be responsible for your own booth structure (EZ Up canopy, or similar), tables, chairs, banners etc. We will contact you as the event approaches via the phone number or email address you list below, with times and details related to set up and tear down. Typical set up is between noon and 2:30 pm. You must bring stakes or some form of ballast to keep your canopy secured in case of wind.

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  • Idaho Center Rules

    No food or drink can be brought into the Idaho Center, except for baby food and bottles.

    You can bring opened water bottles to fill in the drinking fountains if you wish.

    No high-back lawn chairs, all chairs must be low backed and have legs 8" or less. No camping chairs. Blankets are subject to inspection.

    Sound volume varies throughout the bowl area. We recommend finding a seat where the volume is comfortable for you and your family.

  • ASL Interpreting

    The Treasure Valley God and Country festival is once again happy to provide American Sign Language interpreters.

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    Donation to the God and Country Festival

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