The God and Country Festival has invited Dave Roever to be the featured guest speaker at the 2000 Festival.

In 1981, Dave founded Roever & Associates with the vision of delivering a message of hope and healing to adults and teenagers across America. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Dave Roever and his team shaped a strategy to make this vision a reality.

Since its inception, Roever Evangelistic Association has successfully reached audiences through such venues as interdenominational evangelistic rallies, school assemblies and media presentations. Additionally, printed publications as well as video and audio materials play a vital role in fulfilling the mission statement of Roever & Associates.

The impact of this ministry has not been limited to America alone, but now touches lives globally. In 1993, Dave Roever knew the timing was right for a Journey Back to the nation where he had been wounded many years ago. This time he would not go as a U.S. serviceman, but as an ambassador for Christ. This was the beginning for a ministry that now shares a significant amount of REA's focus in addition to their U.S. engagements.

Dave Roever
Roever Evangelistic Assoc.
PO Box 136130
Fort Worth, TX 76136

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