Ed McGlasson will be the featured guest speaker at the 2001 God and Country Festival. Ed McGlasson is pastor of the Stadium Vineyard in Anaheim, California.

Ed became a Christian in 1977 after God healed three torn ligaments in his knee. He was drafted into the National Football League in 1979 by the New York Jets. He played four seasons in the NFL (1979-83) with the Jets, Rams, Giants and Eagles. During the off-seasons, Ed was active in a variety of ministry activities. He was a speaker at Billy Graham crusades and at high schools around the country, witnessing the salvation of 30,000 to 40,000 young people. Another knee injury took Ed out of professional football, and 1984 he entered full-time ministry and continued preaching around the country.

He met his wife at the Santa Monica, Calif., Vineyard and, soon after, met John Wimber. "I want you to come and learn to be a servant," John told him, and Ed went to work with John McClure at the Newport Beach, Calif., Vineyard. He went on to plant the Stadium Vineyard in Anaheim in 1988. " ‘Empower’ is a real strong word for me," Ed says, explaining his desire to stir the church and see people come to Christ through power evangelism. "I really believe in the balance of the word and worship and works of God. I love to see the word of God demonstrated. If Jesus said it, then we should do it."

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