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God and Country Festival in Nampa, Idaho is organized by a volunteer-driven organization called the God and Country Association, Inc. The organization is made up of Christians who are committed to strengthening the fabric of the Treasure Valley community through the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are also interested in helping believers around the nation get an independent God and Country event started.

We believe that Christians in America should have a natural affection for their country because it was founded on the godly ideal that liberty is derived, not as a gift of governments and politicians, but as a gift of our Creator.

Here is some information about our mission and our history.

This is a volunteer-led organization. If you would like to contact the non-profit group that organizes this event, here’s how to do it:

God and Country Association, Inc.
PO Box 993
Nampa, ID 83653

To learn how you can support this volunteer-driven effort with donations or sponsorships, please check our sponsorship page, or contact a board member.